A Gift of Health this Mother’s Day

What if a blood pressure monitor could give you results that are compared and analyzed, making the entire process of dealing with hypertension easier for you, your mother or your loved one?

Yes, you heard it right! The iHealth Clear BP Monitor is designed to do just that for you. The Clear is not just a simple device that gives you a current reading of blood pressure, but in fact makes a comparison between the previous and current readings giving you an insight into your progress, the one-time wifi setup allows for easy tracking. Just like these features, it has a few more essential features that not only make your BP Monitoring process easy and effortless but helpful. In fact, with Mother’s Day around the corner, what better gift could you give your mom that will make her journey of managing hypertension more effective?

Before we understand a little more about the iHealth Clear, let’s understand the issue at hand:

Managing hypertension can get challenging and quite honestly frustrating too at times because let’s face it with so many restrictions, it’s only human to feel boxed in. The one thing that you want while going through this entire process is to get quick results and at the same time results that help you achieve a goal you have set. To simplify that, you need a device that helps make the process smoother. Living in a technological era, that’s the least you can expect!

So, here are 5 things that you need from your device when you are managing hypertension:

  • Ease to measure
  • Get Quick & Accurate Results
  • Get Analyzed and Compared Results
  • Record your Data (readings, moods, food you ate, exercise)
  • Track your Progress

All of these are very crucial to you because with the help of these you can plan your treatment and Feel in control! Keeping in mind the feeling of being in control, we have designed the iHealth Clear.

1. One button does it all – One button operation & One-time wifi setup


How would you feel if you and your partner could use the same device with hassle free tracking and access on the iHealth Cloud? That’s convenience at it’s best! Just setup the Wi-Fi once and get access to your data on a digital logbook, check your progress, see your results and learn about your measurements, check if your BP is in the normal range or there is a scope of improvement.



The two-user mode and one button operation helps you track individual data consistently. With 1,000 offline readings per user, you have a large storage archive for uploading all the offline data to your app at any time.


2. Comparative & Meaningful Results


Say goodbye to the conventional methods of results, because what is the advantage of that? Yes, it shows the results but who is to tell if it is good or bad? Or how would you know if you did better from the last time you measured or you still need to work on it? Well, that’s where Clear comes to your rescue, the readings show you your heart rate, your BP, and your blood pressure range as soon as you take a measurement and with compared results, understanding your progress gets easier.

3. Designed to help: Large Display, Voice Output, and Color Coded Readings

A good display is important to the entire look and feel of the device, and keeping that in mind the iHealth display is made to be reader friendly with a nice LED 4.3 inch large screen, that allows for night visibility as well. Now, the unique feature that Clear comes with is the Voice output, along with the display the device also speaks you BP, heart rate and BP range. What’s more? The measurement that you take is represented by four colors which indicate your blood pressure range. With a good display, color coded results that confirm the range you fall under and the speaking ability of the device, we have got you covered in terms of look and feel of the product.



4.iHealth App – At your service

We talk about technology; of course, there is a mobile health app where your data gets synchronized automatically every time you take a measurement and can be tracked with the wifi.  And here’s the best part you record your activities like your diet, exercise, mood and of course readings. How does this help? Well, it helps you to understand what kind of food, exercise or mood helped you lower your BP or what aggravated it. Amazing huh?


5.Sharing made simple!

We aim at making the holistic BP Management hassle free. No need to find ways to share your data from other sources, we have it right there for you! Export your data in file formats like CSV, PDF, and XLS and share it directly from the App with your healthcare team.

With a complete package of some helpful features, managing BP gets easy and less cumbersome!

We are currently running an Early Bird Special Discount – $79.99 instead of $99.99. Get yours today and give her the Gift of Health this Mother’s Day!




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