iHealth Thermometer in the News (Till April,2019)

It has been a rough flu season, to say the least – one of the worst in recent history. Here at iHealth, we’ve been doing all we can to help people understand, track, prepare for and react to it, and get rid of the annoying beep beep sound and fast measuring in one second to know the body temperature. It has been humbled by the recognition and awareness we’ve gotten for this work.  Here are a few headlines we’ve made lately as we’ve brought the iHealth mission to life:

Gizmodo (Online ) : This $20 Thermometer Doesn’t Even Need to Touch You to Take Your Temperature

KTLA 5 TV News (TV & Online) : $20 Thermometer Takes A Reading Through Thin Air

Parents Magazine (Prints) : Jan, 2019

TNW (Online) : Review: This $20 no-touch thermometer won’t wake up your sick baby

BGR (Online) : If Apple made forehead thermometers, this $27 model is exactly what Apple would make

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