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Make your health complete with our special fitness and diet management.

Includes: iHealth Ease (blood pressure monitor), iHealth Smart Gluco-monitoring system (glucose meter) + 2 test strip boxes.


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Product Description

iHealth Ease

  • Simple to use blood pressure monitor that connects with your smartphone using a blood pressure monitor app
  • See trends and data automatically on the iHealth App
  • Understand what the numbers actually mean through our iHealth App
  • Gauges whether your results are within the standard range for your age

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iHealth Smart Gluco-monitoring System

  • The only smart gluco-monitoring system
  • See results instantly through the LED screen
  • Bluetooth connected so you can sync every reading
  • View your results in visual charts and graphs

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iHealth Blood Glucose Test Strips

  • Works with the iHealth Smart and iHealth Align glucometers
  • Only needs 0.07 micro liters of blood
  • Costs only $0.25 per strip, on par with other insurance-covered strips

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