iHealth Smart Gluco-Monitoring Bundle

iHealth Smart Gluco-Monitoring Bundle

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Get everything you need to manage your sugar levels at an affordable price!

Includes: 1 iHealth Smart Gluco-monitor, 1 bottle of Control Solution, 2 Lancet Packs (100 ct total), and 2 Test Strip Packs (100 ct total)

iHealth®  Smart Gluco-monitoring System

  • Connects to Android and Apple Smartphones
  • Syncs readings to iHealth Smart Gluco App, a mobile health app, so all your results are in one place
  • iHealth Smart Gluco App changes numeric data into trends and charts for easy understanding
  • LED display shows readings in 5 seconds
  • Holds 500 offline readings before needing to be synced
  • Rechargeable and takes 1 hour to fully charge
iHealth® Smart Gluco-monitoring System
two boxes of Test Strips

iHealth®  Test Strips (50ct) X2

  • iHealth Smart Gluco App keeps track of the test strip quantity
  • The only blood glucose test strips compatible with iHealth Smart Gluco-monitoring System
  • QR code on strip bottle cap is scanned by iHealth Smart Gluco App to activate use.
  • Only requires a minimum of 0.07 microliters of blood to get results


Scan the QR code on the Test Strip bottle using the App to start


Insert the Test Strip into the iHealth Smart Gluco-Monitor


Get the small sample of blood and see the result on iHealth Smart Gluco-Monitor and view details on App

Box of Control Solution

Control Solution x1

  • A bottle of glucose used in place of blood to check test strips
  • Used to check test strips to make sure it measures in range
Box of Lancets

Lancets (50ct) x2

  • Standard 30 gauge needles