The scale displays “Er 5”

The scale failed to sync your results to your app and personal Cloud account. Please make sure to follow the step-by-step instructions on setting up your Vista (HS5S). Once you have set-up your Vista, the scale will automatically sync your measurement results to the app and to your personal Cloud account. It may need several seconds to sync. If you still experience problems with syncing, please follow these steps:

1. When taking a measurement, ensure that the Wi-Fi symbol on the scale stops flashing and turns solid, which indicates that a Wi-Fi connection has been established.
2. Stand on all four electrodes with bare feet. Remain on the scale for a few seconds to allow the scale to continue the measurement. Your weight and Body Fat % will appear on the scale.
3. On the App, go to the “Weight” page, and click on the button titled “Sync data now.”

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