iHealth Non Contact
Infrared Thermometer

Non Contact Technology
One Second Reading
Medical Infrared Technology
Clear Display

iHealth Non Contact Thermometer PT2L
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Sad Face Icon

Automatic High
Temperature Warning

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after 8 seconds

Low Battery Icon

Low Battery Notification

Non Contact Measurement
Avoid Cross Infection

Measurement is done by placing thermometer within 3cm (1.18 in) away from forehead.

Fast and Accurate
Medical Infrared Technology

Embedded with high precision infrared sensor, the thermometer reads body temperature precisely by measuring the infrared energy emitted from body. Through innovative technology, it detects body temperature within 1 second with a result of within 0.4°C error.

Infrared Detection

1 Second Reading

Get rid of traditional 1-3 minutes waiting time.
iHealth infrared thermometer gives you accurate body temperature reading within 1 second.

Automatic High Temperature Warning

When detected body temperature is higher than 99.5°F, screen displays “Neutral Face” or “Frowning Face” to help you interpret and take action accordingly.

Happy Face

T < 99.5°F

Neutral Face

99.5°F ≤ T < 100.4°F

Frowning Face

T ≥ 100.4°F

High Definition Display
High Legibility Even at Night

Black background & big and bold text ensures
legibility at night.

Humming Alarm Notification

Humming alarm notifies when measurement is done.
It tells you reading displays.


Step 1

Press the power button and wait while the device is self-checking. The screen displays all symbols at this moment.

All Symbols

Step 2

Place thermometer in front of and keep within 3cm (1.18 in) of forehead. Take the thickness of the index finger of an adult as reference. Avoid touching forehead directly.

Measure within 3cm

Step 3

Press the same button to measure. When temperature is detected, it beeps to notify you to read the result.