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It Takes a Village

We understand the importance of collaboration and sharing information. We build it into our products by letting people share data with friends, family, and their doctor. We’ve also made collaboration a part of iHealth’s own strategy for success. To offer you the most relevant, efficient mobile personal healthcare products and service, we partner with companies that make our products better, easier to access and available to all.

The iHealth and PHR Plus partnership enhances the value of your iHealth devices by syncing the data from your current devices into one convenient dashboard. In addition, PHR Plus allows you to create accounts for your entire family within one account, sync medical information from patient portals, data from lab systems, fitness trackers and more to provide a complete, manageable and actionable health plan.


University of California, San Francisco’s Health eHeart study plans to gather heart health data from more people than any research study has done before. They’ll use it to develop strategies to prevent and treat all aspects of heart disease. iHealth has partnered with UCSF to provide users an easy way to participate in the study by seamlessly integrating data collected from their iHealth devices into the Health eHeart study.


iHealth’s partnership with Practice Fusion will encompass two initiatives to start. First off, medical professionals looking for ways to empower their patients to track and improve their own health can now provide them with special offers and access to order iHealth devices. In the near future, the data tracked by iHealth’s products will seamlessly flow into the Practice Fusion Patient Health Record (PHR), delivering a more complete picture of a person’s vitals and facilitating improved communication between patients and their clinical care team.


TactioHealth gives you a personalized health dashboard with everything you need to know, all color coded in green-yellow-orange and red so you know where you stand. iHealth products are now fully integrated with Tactio Software’s TactioHealth app. With the press of a button in the iHealth app, the over 2 million people who use the TactioHealth app can now automatically receive data they measure from iHealth products.


Tictrac is a lifestyle design platform that lets you discover more about yourself from the data you’re creating. It connects with dozens of services you already use, like iHealth, MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper, Garmin, Gmail and more, and lets you visualize your information in a whole new way. Tictrac lets you take control of your health and wellbeing, giving you the tools to make better lifestyle choices based on your data.