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iHealth Smart

Wireless Gluco-Monitoring System

$29.99 $99.99


iHealth Test Strips

Blood Glucose Test Strips

$12.50 $129.99


iHealth Track

Blood Pressure Monitor

$34.99 $69.99


In The Media

“Forget speaker docks. iHealth Labs is introducing a dock that will take your blood pressure and store the results on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.”

“Diabetes Data Beamed to Your Phone Walt Mossberg Reviews Two New Meters From iHealth and LifeScan”

“The tiny device, dubbed the ‘Wireless Smart Gluco-Monitoring System,’ measures and records user’s glucose levels, making it invaluable for managing diseases like diabetes and prediabetes.”


“A new gizmo called iHealth lets you track, graph and share your blood pressure info on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.  “

“The scale is simple to operate and it is less expensive than some other leading brands. It keeps a record of all your readings and provides detailed statistics on a wide range of vitals, which you can then monitor over time.”


“Coupled with its app, the iHealth Core is one of the most capable, intuitive bathroom scales we reviewed.”

Modern Healthcare Realized

iHealth is a healthcare management company striving to revitalize old healthcare devices with modern technology everyone is familiar with. The MyVitals and Gluco-Smart Mobile App can sync with all iHealth products and allow you to view every result in one app.

What People Are Saying


“Well designed and easy to use device that includes key features like compact packing of the device, a reminder functionality, a large cuff size option, and the availability of third-party validation process.”

– Satish Misra, MD  


“I would recommend the companion app, named Gluco-Smart, to people with diabetes as a standalone glucose logbook app.”

– David Ahn, MD