Covid-19 Flu A&B 3-in-1 Test Kit

iHealth COVID-19/Flu A&B Rapid Test

COVID-19, Flu A&B 3-in-1

Self-test at home, results in 15 minutes.

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Get instant results in 15 minutes.

Get instant peace of mind with our rapid COVID, Flu A & B self-test, delivering accurate results in just 15 minutes. With a quick and easy testing process, you can take control of your health from the comfort of your home. Don't wait for answers—experience the assurance of instant results, providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions and take necessary precautions.

an indicator image showing a covid-19 positive result

Flu A Positive

an indicator image showing a flu B type positive result

Flu B Positive

an indicator image showing a flu A type positive result

COVID-19 Positive

Flu or COVID? Parents can stop guessing.

In the face of uncertainties surrounding respiratory symptoms such as fever, sneezing, cough, or fatigue, our at-home 3-in-1 test enables you to quickly identify whether you or your kids are dealing with COVID-19 or flu strains A & B. This allows for appropriate medical intervention and care tailored to the specific virus, depending on how long the symptoms have been present.

a small female child sits with a thermometer in her mouth, indicating she may have a fever


a small girl is stooped over coughing, showcasing a classic symptom of illness


a female child grabs her head, indicating discomfort, a probable sign of a headache


Same ease-of-use, 3 results in 1 test.

Utilizing the familiar and user-friendly steps of an at-home coronavirus test, this innovative solution brings efficiency to the next level. In a single test with 4 steps, easily conducted in the comfort of your home, you can obtain comprehensive results for coronavirus, influenza A, and influenza B within minutes.

step 1 of the A B flu and Covid test kit, indicating the user insert a cotton swab into their nose 1/2 to 3/4th of an inch and swap the interior



Insert the swab into your nostril and swab against the inner walls of both nostrils, making at least 5 circles.

step 2 of the covid-19 and Flu A+B test kit, indicating to mix the swab with extraction solution and swirl 10 times



Place the swab into the extraction solution and mix the solution at least 10 times. Squeeze the tube 5 times with your fingers to ensure that the sample on the swab is fully mixed.

step 3 of the 3-in-1 test kit for covid and the flu, indicating to place 5 drops of the extraction solution onto a spot labeled



Attach the dropper cap to the test tube, then vertically squeeze 5 DROPS of the extraction solution into the sample well.

step 4 of the ihealth test kit indicating to the final step to wait 15 minutes for results



Set a timer and read the test result at 15 minutes.

*Please refer to the quick reference instructions or the instructional video for more detailed steps.

Quick in-home testing to protect your loved ones.

Early testing is crucial to protect people from young to old, safeguarding yourself, friends, and family from potential exposure to contagious illnesses following school, work, or public gatherings. Our fast 15-minute self-test offers the convenience of use in the comfort of your home. Bypass the need for a doctor's visit and relish the ease of conducting the test in the palm of your hand, ensuring the comprehensive protection of your loved ones.

Compact design for on-the-go assurance.

Feel safe wherever you go with our COVID-19 Flu A&B 3-in-1 test kit. Its compact design ensures not only easy storage but also convenient portability in your travel bag, allowing you to seamlessly take charge of your health  during travels, outings, or any time you need assurance. Stay vigilant and protected, especially when Flu/COVID cases have fluctuated throughout recent years.

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