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iHealth Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test and Healthcare Products

Primal ElementsEighty6 Medical LLCGriff MaierParamount Sourcing LLC
Concentric Health Alliance
Concentric Health Alliance

MJM Sourcing LLC

Focus Industries Med LLC

GoToKnow LLC

Westwoods Ancillary Global Resources

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Please note that there is false information regarding the price of the iHealth Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test (the "Kit") in the U.S. market.

At this moment, we clarify that iHealth Labs Inc. and our authorized distributors are the only U.S. organizations that may legally sell and distribute the Kit under FDA EUA. Also, our manufacturer will not supply to any other organizations in the U.S. except for iHealth Labs Inc.

Please be cautious of the following situations: (1) When the seller offers pricing below market rates; (2) When the seller claims that they can import iHealth tests directly from China.

Retail Channels

You can find iHealth products at the following retailers; product availability will vary.

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