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iHealth PT5 Infrared Ear Thermometer

Capture the First Sign of Fever


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Highly Sensitive In-Ear Measurement Detects Fever Sooner

The eardrum is highly indicative of the human body’s core temperature because of its proximity to the thermoregulatory center.

Designed by iHealth's experts in human physiology, PT5 can measure the body's core temperature by sensing the heat from the eardrum with hyper-accuracy.

Rethinking In-Ear Fever Detection

The PT5's minimalist design features the newest hyper-accurate sensor technology, a pre-warmed probe tip, and optimized ergonomics. These features enable it to more precisely and sensitively detect temperature changes in the eardrum with superior speed, comfort, and consistency.

Pre-Warmed Probe

Pre-Warmed Probe

offsets ear canal cooling effect

Sealing Ridges

Sealing Ridges

snugly fit the ear canal


Medical Device Sensor

achieves hyper-accuracy

Medical Device Grade Sensor Technology 

wide angle

110° wide sensing angle for more comprehensive sampling


High signal-to-noise ratio for quiet, hassle-free use


Thermal shock resistance for precise measurement

Easy to Use, Fast Results

Gently place the thermometer tip in the ear canal after applying a new, clean probe cover. Then press the button and obtain a temperature reading in just 1 second.

Large LED-Lit Digits

Large LED-Lit digits for temperature display, easy to read even in the dark.

An Ear Thermometer Made for the Whole Family

Easily swap out the disposable probe covers for more hygienic testing among family members. 

Carrying Case Designed for At-Home and On-the-Go Use

Our ear thermometer includes a protective case for travel or storage as well as 20 disposable probe covers. It also features a magnetic probe cap that protects the infrared lens from dust and debris.


All-in-One Kit for Home and Travel

Beautifully designed and easier to use for new parents

  • 1× ear thermometer with magnetic cap
  • 2× AAA batteries
    20× disposable covers
  • 1× dust- and shock-proof storage case