As a global leader of digital health innovation, iHealth Labs takes great pride in providing top of the line health data collection devices to our digital health business partners. To help you manage the data tracked from our state-of-the-art devices, we provide integrative solutions including API, SDK, Layered App, and Cellular Gateway.

Get a free 30-minute demo and consultation with one of our Remote Patient Monitoring consultants to learn everything you need to know. As part of the consultation you will learn:

  • More about our family of Bluetooth devices includes blood pressure
    monitors, glucometers, ECGs, oximeters, health scales, thermometers, and activities trackers. 
  •  More details about our API, SDK, and Layered App Integration.
  • More about how we cover our non-smart device using families: we
    offer a Cellular Gateway solution for them as well. 
  • How iHealth will provide the best 1-stop-shopping experience for
    your business, with US FDA approval, CE marking, global multi-sites,
    Drop Shipping service, and California based warehouse and
    customer service team.

Let our RPM and CCM export show you more