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Our Mission

Our mission is to help and empower people to manage their chronic conditions by providing our Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring program. We utilize hardware and software alongside a physician-centered unified care team to provide a well-rounded care plan to help patients in clinics and at home

Our Solutions -
The Unified Care Model

Our Solutions - The Unified Care Model

Unified Care solution uses telemedicine and remote vitals monitoring to connect the doctor’s office and patient’s home to provide patient-centered chronic disease management. Unified Care also provide a physician-centered care team to assist the remote monitoring and case management. Our Chronic Care Management/Remote Patient Monitoring program focuses on diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and other chronic conditions

Blood Pressure Monitor


Pulse Oximeter

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Technology Empowered

We combine telemedicine with HIPAA compliance video visit and care coordination, mobile internet, AIoT with Bluetooth connected devices, secure data sharing and analytics, and personalized real-time service

Care Team

We build a professional care team that has Certified Diabetes Educators, Registered Dietitians, and Clinical Assistants working side by side with Physicians to provide personalized care plans for chronic disease patients

Care Delivery

We offer a patient-centered care model, providing patients with a mobile app and connected bluetooth devices, customized care plan, one-on-one lifestyle coaching, real-time remote monitoring, self vitals tracking, 12/7 access to an online care team, data interpretation, and timely intervention, both in clinic and at patients’ home.

Featured Teleclinic

Beyond a traditional telehealth visit tool, our teleclinic system enables clinics to convert their usual clinic workflow to virtual, including MA check in/ out, vital collections, waiting room management, secure video call, charting and assessment, care team members coordination, team consultation

Clinical Outcome

After 6 weeks, most hypertension patients' medication compliance and lifestyle have been generally improved. The blood pressure control status were improved and maintained at 12 weeks

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After three months, most diabetes patients’ diet, physical activity, medication compliance have been improved. The blood glucose control status were improved, and the results were maintained and further improved at six months

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Our Clinic Partners

We currently work with more than 25 independent primary care clinics and medical groups across the US.

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