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iHealth View Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor

Device Compatibility

Apple iOS devices (requires iOS version 8.0 or higher)

  • iPhone 7/7 Plus
  • iPhone 6S/6S Plus
  • iPhone 6/6 Plus
  • iPhone 5S/5C
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini 3
  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad 4th Gen
  • iPad 3rd Gen
  • IPod Touch 6th Gen
  • IPod Touch 5th Gen

Android devices (requires operating system 4.0 or later)

  • Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy Note3
  • Samsung Galaxy Note2
  • HTC One M7
  • LG Nexus 4
  • LG Nexus 5
  • Motorola Nexus 6



Check the connection between the mobile device and the Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor. You may need to exit the app, re-connect the Blood Pressure Monitor and start the App again.

If you receive a connection error message or have trouble connecting to your Blood Pressure Monitor with your compatible device, follow the steps below:

  • For iOS device:
    1. Go to your Bluetooth settings and turn off Bluetooth.
    2. Reboot your iOS device by pressing the power button until you are prompted to slide to power off.
    3. After the reboot cycle has completed go ahead and power on your iOS device and enable Bluetooth.
    4. Press the “START/STOP” button on the wrist monitor for 3 seconds until the Bluetooth indicator begins flashing.
    5. Proceed to launch the iHealth My Vitals App to sync your measurements.
  • For Android device:
    1. Go to your Bluetooth settings and unpair the BP7SXXXXXX from your Bluetooth list.
    2. Turn Bluetooth off and reboot your Android device. After the reboot cycle has completed proceed to enable Bluetooth.
    3. After the reboot cycle has completed go ahead and power on your Android device and enable Bluetooth. Proceed to pair the Blood Pressure Monitor again in the Bluetooth settings and launch the iHealth My Vitals App to start measurement.

Make sure the cuff is applied to your bare wrist, and press “START/STOP” to manually turn on the device.

The battery level might be too low. Charge the monitor fully before using

Setup and Usage

Yes, you can use the Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor with as many different mobile devices you want. Just install the iHealth MyVitals app on each device you intend to use with the monitor.

Yes. The View can only take measurements while not connected to your mobile device. When you are ready to sync, just follow the steps in the Quick Start Guide to sync.

Product Information

There are no physical risks associated with using this device to take your blood pressure at home. If you find the measurement procedure uncomfortable, consult with your healthcare professional regarding proper cuff application and tightness. This monitor is not suitable for use by people with serious arrhythmia due to the possibility of inaccurate measurements.

The cuff circumference of the iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor is 5.3” – 8.6”(13.5 cm – 22 cm)

Wrist blood monitors are sensitive to the wrist position. The iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor features a motion sensor technology and arrows to detect the optimal wrist position to help users take their blood pressure reading correctly. The key is to remember to always keep the monitor parallel and aligned with your heart level.

Home monitoring is a great way to help detect and monitor high blood pressure. Regular readings taken over a period of time can track the history of your results and indicate any changes, fluctuations or elevations in your blood pressure. An individual high reading is not necessarily an indication of hypertension or other health issue. The iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor provides a convenient way to test, track and share your results.

The iHealth Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor has obtained CE medical certification (Europe) as well as FDA approval (USA). The monitor also has obtained ESH Certification (European Society of Hypertension).

The iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor is designed for adults. It should not be used on infants, young children, pregnant or pre-eclamptic patients, in addition to people with serious arrhythmia.

The cuff can be cleaned with a soft cloth lightly moistened with Ethyl alcohol (75-90%) and air dried.

The monitor lasts a minimum of 10,000 measurements, or 3 years of usage.

The rechargeable battery is built in and the monitor can take up to 80 measurements on a full charge.

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