iHealth Launches Home Collection Kit for STD Testing

With STDs Such as HIV and Syphilis Continuing to Persist as a Public Health Concern, At-Home Test Kits Offer Convenience and Privacy 

Sunnyvale, CA, August 1, 2023 – iHealth Labs, Inc. (iHealth), a digital health company and leading provider of at-home COVID tests in the U.S., announced today the release of its Home Collection Kit for HIV and syphilis testing. The FDA-approved solution enables anyone over the age of 18 to collect a blood sample to test for HIV (I, II, P24 antigen) and syphilis in the privacy of their own home, mail it to the lab with prepaid overnight label and receive reliable and confidential results in as soon as two days. 

iHealth launched the home collection solution, its first in the STD OTC test category, in response to the growing STD crisis in the US. To reverse this trend, the Centers for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has called for more groups from local, healthcare industry and public health sectors to contribute to STI prevention and innovation effort.

“With our entry into the STD at-home testing market, we are heeding this challenge from the CDC for organizations to step up to the plate and contribute in alleviating a growing  health crisis,” noted Jack Feng, CEO of iHealth Labs. 

A Critical Need for STD Testing 

According to the CDC, over 2.5 million combined STD cases are reported across the U.S. in 2021. These statistics do not include those who have STDs but may not know it, don’t get tested, etc. Although most STIs and STDs can be treated with antibiotics or antiviral drugs, many people have no noticeable symptoms. 

HIV:  An estimated 1.2 million people in the United States had HIV at the end of 2021, with 1 in 8 not knowing that they had it. Multiple studies have demonstrated the value of at-home testing for increasing the frequency of HIV testing, identifying new diagnoses and reaching people who reported they have never previously tested for HIV. 

Syphilis: According to the CDC’s Sexually Transmitted Disease Surveillance for 2021, reported cases of syphilis (all stages) have increased by a staggering 74 percent from 2017 to 2021. Rates increased among both males and females, in all regions of the United States and in all age groups.

 Advantages of At-Home STD Testing 

 The benefits of at-home tests include: 

  • Confidentiality. They offer a more discreet method for testing, making stigma less of a barrier. 
  • Convenience. It is not necessary to make a doctor's appointment or travel to a lab.
  • Accuracy. At-home tests are as dependable as testing in-person at a clinic.
  • Economical. The at-home tests are not more expensive than clinic visits. 

The iHealth CheckMeSafe Home Collection kit delivers reliable results of up to 99.9% sensitivity for HIV and 99.5% for syphilis. Samples are processed and analyzed in a CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratory, meaning they have met rigorous state and federal standards and undergo regular inspections for quality and accuracy in testing. 

“Our solution kit is a convenient and discreet way to get tested for HIV and syphilis from the comfort of one’s home and rapidly receive highly accurate results,” noted Feng. “In an era of steadily increasing STD rates, this accessible and competitively-priced kit is a testament of iHealth’s dedication to providing healthcare solutions that meet critical needs in our communities.” 

The iHealth CheckMeSafe Critical 2 Home Collection Kit is currently priced at a limited time offer of $59.99, 40% off its regular retail price of $99.99, with free shipping as well. For details and an FAQ on the solution or to purchase, visit:   https://ihealthlabs.com/products/checkmesafe-critical2                                                          

About iHealth Labs, Inc.

iHealth is dedicated to empowering people to live healthier lives. The company is a leader in designing and manufacturing consumer-friendly, mobile personal healthcare products connected through the cloud that allows consumers to easily measure, track, and share vital health information with their doctors. With a focus on delivering high-quality and accessible products, iHealth is at the forefront of the digital health revolution.

In November 2021, iHealth's COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for over-the-counter sales. Since then, iHealth has emerged as a key supplier of at-home COVID tests to the federal government, state governments, nonprofits, and individual consumers. With its commitment to helping people lead healthier lives, iHealth is poised to continue driving positive change in the healthcare industry.